McKay Christensen

McKay is the President of Melaleuca, a $1.2 billion consumer products company with hundreds of thousands of employees and Marketing Executives. In that role, McKay speaks to audiences around the world about leadership, teamwork, perseverance, and personal performance. In his current position and his past leadership roles with Fortune 500 companies, he’s led diverse teams in marketing, sales and management. He has written numerous articles on career development, leadership and business management and co-authored a book on Career Development. He has an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. in Organization and Adult Learning.

As part of his doctorate work, McKay led ground-breaking research on how adults learn and find happiness. This research, one of the most comprehensive quantitative studies of its kind, reveals how people can learn to be happy. His research and publication experience includes topics such as servant leadership, transformation as adults, and lasting change. McKay has a heartfelt passion for helping others reach their full potential. He currently teaches Strategy Management courses at the Marriott School of Management.


McKay was born on Luke Air Force base and was the son of a fighter pilot. He grew up in a large family with seven brothers and sisters. Without much money and a lot of mouths to feed, McKay’s parents taught their children to work at an early age. Whether it was delivering newspapers, cleaning horse stalls, or working in the local flour mill, hard work was part of everyday life. At the age of 15, McKay was run over and crushed by a 14-ton harvester in a farming accident which left him with a broken leg and back, crushed pelvis, collapsed lung, and a dozen other broken bones. McKay spent months recovering. As a young man, living in the Rocky Mountains, he learned to fly fish. Even today, he still loves to escape to the South Fork of the Snake River for a day of fishing.

As a college student, McKay learned to speak Japanese and has lived and worked in Japan. He is an avid runner and completed numerous marathons, including the Boston marathon several times. He and his wife Jennifer are the parents of five children.