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Hear what people are saying about McKay and Jake's Open Your Eyes presentation:

“I loved the presentation by McKay and Jake - it touched my heart in many ways. I plan to take what I heard there to inspire me in my entire life, personally and professionally.”

“Jake Olson brought tears to my eyes several times.”
“Jake Olson is an incredible inspiration for us all and sets an awesome example of only looking forward!”
“Jake and McKay were amazing! Very encouraging!”
“Love, love McKay and Jake Olson I do want to get the book Open your Eyes to a Happier Life.”
“Loved Jake and McKay’s presentation. Lots of great teaching moments and inspiration.”
“Jake and McKay’s presentation I will be talking about for years. Inspiring and an outstanding job!”
“Open Your Eyes was a great presentation.”
“Loved Jake and McKay together, not a dry eye anywhere around me.”
“I enjoyed McKay Christensen and Jake Olson. What a great person Jake is and what he has accomplished with his disability, ANYONE can accomplish whatever they want, all they have to do is try.”
“Jake Olson is amazing. Everyone should hear his story.”

Audio-Visual Requirements

Below are the typical audio and visual needs for the Open Your Eyes presentation.

  • 2 wireless lavalieres
  • Presentation screen (at a minimum 8’x10’)
  • LCD Projector
  • VGA cable for laptop
  • DVD Player
  • Small skirted cocktail table on stage (for laptop)
  • 2 bottled waters on cocktail table

Lighting Preferences: There may be videos played during the presentation. During the video(s), the presenters prefer all lights to be turned off (black house). During the presentation, the presenters prefer the room be set at a 75% level.